Visit by James Bennett 11 September 2016

Dear RCS members,

From time to time we have the opportunity to use a person visiting NZ to meet with us and hear their views on specific topics which could be of interest to our members.

Such an opportunity has come with the visit of James Bennett as part of a speaking tour through Australia and NZ. He will speak to us at Kinder House on Sunday 11 September at 2 pm and afternoon tea will be served afterwards.

James Bennett is a columnist, writer and author. His recent book is entitled ‘Audacity: New options beyond Europe’. He is a Centennial Fellow, and a member of CANZUK. There is a growing movement for closer ties between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom – the so called CANZUK nations.

His talk will cover a fairly wide range of options, and also examine some proposed past models, why they did not come to pass, and whether they might have relevance again in new forms thanks to changes in global conditions now in progress.

However, this opportunity came after we made arrangements for the event on 20 September at the Auckland War Memorial Museum when HE Jonathan Sinclair, British High Commissioner will be present and also Mr Roy Clare, Director of the Museum whom we will farewell prior to his return to the United Kingdom. I urge all members to attend this big event for the year and the earlier one as well if you so choose.

Please underline which applies to you: I will attend or I will not attend the James Bennett talk  at Kinder House Sunday 11 September at 2 pm.

Kind regards
Leonie Lawson
RCS President


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